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About US

Simula addresses the demand for top-tier IT services for small businesses as well as NGOs focused on human rights protection. We extend meticulous care and attention to the unique needs and circumstances of our customers, whom we regard as partners. We guide our customers in selecting the most effective IT solutions, adhering to data management and information security standards, and assist them in digital transformation to streamline their operations and elevate their efficiency.

Our Services

We Provide Services To Boost Your Business and Impact

We work closely with you to understand your projects’ objectives, processes, needs, and dimensions which together help you reach your goals and your desired social impact. We function as a natural extension for your planning and development strategies.

Information Assurance /
Information Security

We provide information security assessment, auditing, planning for organizations as well as digital security training for their teams, especially those working in complicated and high-risk security contexts. We employ a risk-management approach to information assurance and use well established best practices and standards to address your short and long term needs in a sustainable fashion.

Website Care

We help design, and host your website, and we make sure that your website is online, accessible and secure at all times. We configure your domain correctly so the newsletters you send don't land in Spam. We pay attention to Hosting Services, DNS renewal dates so that you focus on the actual goals of your organisation and not on IT routines and distractions.

ERP Solutions

As official partners of Odoo, we offer an edge in both price and quality, leveraging the power of this mature, open-source ERP system. We excel in tailoring our services and the platform to align seamlessly with your operational requirements.
Streamline processes and boost efficiency of your business while reducing management costs with our tailored ERP solution

Open Source Software as a Service (OSSaaS)

We help you host, configure and maintain popular and well established open source solutions such as Odoo, Rocket.Chat, Uwazi, Bayanat, NextCloud, Taiga, MediaWiki, BookStack and much more. We focus on solution that solves your business needs such as ERP, Productivity and Collaboration, Projects, Data and Knowledge Management, We also provide consultancy and training on the configuration and use of those products.


The Products We Create Are For Social Good

We strive to assist small businesses, humanitarian organizations, and civil society groups in tackling their unique challenges and requirements. In the conceptualization and development of our products, we draw on the firsthand experience of our team in the small business and NGO sectors. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our partners to maximize impact and ensure high adoption rates.

WatchTower (Under Construction)

Is an IT Assets management tool, and an IT security tool designed to help small and medium sized organizations to gain control and oversight over their IT infrastructure and associated risks. It is still in the development phase. Stay tuned for updates...

CONSISTENT (Under Construction)

CONSISTENT is a web-based, open-source editing tool that can be used by authors and reviewers of policies, contracts, laws and regulations and other similar document. It helps the authors and the reviewers to keep the paragraphs mentioned in those document consistent, so that there are no contradictions between the several paragraphs of a document. Although the tool is still in alpha version, we already use it internally at Simula to ensure that our policies and procedures, and the policies and procedures we draft for our partners are consistent. Stay tuned for updates...